Webpage design and programming

Personalised website design and programming

Is your business “just another company”? Is your company just one of many? If the answer is “no”, then neither will you want “just another website”, will you? Ideamatic designs a personalised and solid website, with no technical or design limitations, one that can be managed with the utmost independence.

We do personalised website design, from the design of the interface through to development, availing ourselves of web programming technologies and standards. Everything is built upon two key principles: user experience, always guaranteeing the usability of the website to make sure that it is useful and that it appeals to users and search engines alike and that it is responsive and can be displayed on any screen.

To create 100%-personalised websites, we use IdeaLAB, our own content manager and working platform. Here you will have all the management tools you need to do the maintenance by yourself. We build this “CMS”, or content manager, with open-source languages and it is totally scalable. With IdeaLAB we are equal to any challenge. Would you like to know more?

Personalised website projects