Webpage design and programming

Our passionate idea factory is full of delicious digital resources: strategy, design and technology. We choose the ingredients we need to develop solid online solutions to support your business or project and to make it grow.

Personalised web design and programming

We do personalised website design, from the design of the interface through to development, availing ourselves of web programming technologies and standards. Everything is built upon two key principles: user experience, always guaranteeing the usability of the website to make sure that it is useful and that it appeals to users and search engines alike and that it is responsive and can be displayed on any screen.

Webpage design and programming with WordPress

We have extensive experience in designing and creating websites with WordPress, the most popular and highly-used content management platform in the world. Professional results for your corporate web or personal blog. Ideamatic fully leverages the famous content manager, creating personalised and easy-to-manage webs with a design created specifically for your website.

Creation of online stores

Implementing e-Commerce is a major step that calls for the right tool for each project. We help you to find the best solution, after which we will design and develop your online store so that your dream of selling on the Internet will come true. We position your web in the search engines, we optimise it in order to achieve sales and turn it into a “responsive” or adaptive experience for any device.

Webpage hosting service

Would you like to complete your digital services portfolio with personalised hosting? Do you want to be able to forget about renewals, configurations and updates? We offer you hosting services so you can forget about all that.