Consulting, training, digital projects

The future will be digital. Crystal clear, no two ways about it. Ideamatic will digitise you, because we are experts in digital transformation. We will be your flagship company in helping you to determine what can really be put into practice and in accompanying you on this adventure.

Digitisation of processes and organisations

The world has become very complicated. And so have our companies and organisations. Our processes are inefficient and our organisations are saturated. The proliferation of ICT means that we can all be part of the problem or part of the solution. Do you need help to simplify, streamline and digitise your projects?

Digital training and training content

The Internet is moving all the time and obliges us to reinvent ourselves. We have a team of experts in digital marketing and social media that can deliver training, goals and resources to companies or organisations to help them to be more competitive and be qualified to implement their own projects.

Digital idea factory

Do you have an idea? An objective? A process? A project? We help you to make it more effective, more participative, more usable and cooler. We combine our experience in digital strategy, ethnography, programming  and design in order to ‘ideamaticise it’.