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Disruptive digital idea factory

Disruptive digital idea factory. Do you have an idea? An objective? A process? A project? Our Idea Factory will help you to make it more effective, more participative, more usable and cooler. We combine our experience in digital strategy, ethnography, programming and design in order to “ideamaticise it”.

You know that moment in The Matrix when the guy gets that stupid look on his face when he realises that the world is full of green symbols? Well, we are quite not the same as The Matrix… but only just!

The world has gone digital. Which means that everything can be thought about in a different way. Let’s say digital transformation. Let’s say techno-social innovation. In actual fact, these concepts mean that we can carefully design all kinds of scenarios involving interaction between people and machines. That answers, calculations and paths can be automated. That everything is designable, measurable, manageable and changeable.

The digital world is a world of possibilities. And Ideamatic loves to take PCs off the table, look our most provocative clients straight in the eye and begin to plot new scenarios. New interaction environments. Give form to ideas, design blueprints, paint the walls and roll out the project. With no previous or technological conditioning factors of any kind. Any challenge, any idea, run through the Ideamatic “juicer”, to address your reality. Digitised. Ideamaticised.

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