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Web definition strategy for companies

We define the web strategy with clear objectives, based on our knowledge and experience in web positioning, design and programming. We help you to take decisions and design your webpage’s strategy to make it as effective as possible.

Do you have to make a new web? Do you want to improve your current web’s performance? The Internet evolves at breakneck speed and your web must evolve in order to adapt.

A few years ago it didn’t matter if your web was not responsive, but now this is an absolute must. Your users are mobile and Google will reject you if you ignore them.

Your web must be alive, constantly-evolving with updated content and Ideamatic can help you to do this through the conceptualistion of and consulting in a web strategy with personalised content.

We help you to design your web strategy by analysing its content, your target audience and your competitors. 

We identify the objectives that your web should have and finally define the structure, hierarchy, organisation of information, content and the key usability and accessibility factors in order to produce a useful, interesting, good-looking, accessible, user-friendly web that helps to generate new business opportunities.

However, an IdeamaticWeb conceptualisation project does not end there. We guarantee that what we propose to you can be put into practice. We will tell you how, in two steps, the necessary resources and technologies.

Key user-centred design methodology principles:

It must be as efficient as possible in obtaining results.

It must be a simple and accessible as possible in technological and economic terms.

It must be scalable and adapt to you and your organisation, not the other way round.

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