Chuchy Hot Dogs


Chuchy Hot Dogs

Web for the Chuchy Hot Dogs Street Food company.

Chuchy Hot Dogs | Ideamatic

Creation of the website for this street food company which works with premium-quality ingredients and suppliers and wanted these fundamental traits to be clearly conveyed on the web.

The Chuchy Hot Dogs Web was addressed as a OnePage, or in other words all the information is contained on a single page, since above all the client wanted to have a good calling card that provided all the relevant information about the company on one page.

The client had very high-res pictures, which we leveraged to create a very graphical website, with large-format pictures on which text messages pertaining to each one of the sections were superimposed. The objective was to make the web highly impactful and to showcase the company’s high-quality products.

Web Chuchy Hot Dogs | Ideamatic

Onpage Chuchy Hot Dogs | Ideamatic
Web responsive Chuchy Hot Dogs | Ideamatic

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